Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Smeared Mascara

A tad depressed and some things on my mind, I decide to paint something in photoshop for my Father for Christmas. I used a reference, but that is okay. I stopped using it after a while and removed a lot of elements.

Merry Christmas to you all though.
Hope it is a good one for you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Look! I'm making an effort!

I am predicting that today is going to be a stressful one. Today is my annual review at work and with how slow this year has been, I am sure my bosses will be fickle in how they judge my work. Overall, there was a lot of procrastination despite how I always get all of my work done. I don't see myself getting a pay raise or a bonus. Alas. 

Christmas will suck this year. I'm rather hoping it will end soon so I can reframe from spending money or worrying about it. Times is hard living alone.  That book lady has yet to get back to me. It's okay really, I always have commissions once I catch up.  

Anyways, I have something to post today. Something I am proud of! I was designing a sorta winter outfit for Lune and ended up with this!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Possible Children's book deal?

I replied to an ad on Craigs-list about an Illustrator needed for a Children's book. It's rather cheap pay, but it could be good for my portfolio. The woman was pretty much looking for 5-7 illustrations of her and her puppy. She is having me do sketches so she can choose between me and another artist. It would be nice, despite how it's rather gay to have a book about a grown woman (who is rather busty and pretty!) and her poodle. lol! Very nice woman though.

I'll update you if I get the job or not. Her times are a bit crazy (She wants them done by January!)

For now, here is the sketches I did. As crappy as they are...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mistle Toe Blues

My week has gotten considerately better despite how it started out horrid after a clash between my Fiance and I. Surprisingly, plane ticket prices are considerably low. What would've costed me from $500-$800 dollars (depending on how I procrastinated) only costed me $300.  I had already saved $420 at that point.  Hopefully things will turn out right with both my trip and My Fiance's move down here.
Anyways! Times is hard and Christmas is coming fast. I wish I had time to do Christmas Commissions, but I barely have time to sleep with my other engagements during the day. I have to choose between doing school work online or drawing. It's rather hard when I want to do one, but have to do the other. There needs to be more time in the day IMO.

Anyways, I'll share with you some work I've done and worked on...

Pretty much a logo for my guild on World of Warcraft. I find it a bad habit to see horrible font choices when it comes to this stuff and I just go "Maybe I should just offer...".  It isn't anything extremely wonderful, but I guess it gives you an idea of what I do everyday at my job. (No, I don't do World of Warcraft logos everyday! ahaha!)

Looks like it is WoW day here! This is actually a commission though. (Hopefully you can full view it, I am still figuring this site out...) I was starting to do avatar commissions on the forums and this was my first one. I've yet to finish it, but the girl is super nice.
You can see more of these on my DeviantART account actually. Most of these come out really good and are done in a short amount of time once I get going.

That's about it for today. I'll update you more in a few days. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I've been having a hard time lately trying to keep up with the whole art scene. It seems to come and go as it pleases despite what I want. Could it be that in my back of my mind there is something that is holding me back? I only wish I knew. There are days where I want to sit back on my couch and draw while I leave some movie on HBO on. I never tend to do it though. 

The only conclusions I've come down to is that I want to draw when I should not be drawing. When I little, I wanted to draw SO badly that when it was bed time, I would hussle to the side of my bed where the night light was, and would draw by that little amount of light. In school, I wanted to draw so badly that they put my habit of drawing during class on my school records. 
(Sometimes I regret that, but it kept me happy and out of trouble.)

Now, when I am at work, those old habits come back. I seem to never be able to finish anything fully since I am indeed supposed to be working. When I go home, I am all "BLUGH, NO WAY!". 

Do you find that odd? It would be nice to have answers to this someday.