Monday, April 28, 2008

Up in the SKY! It'a A-

Fairly non-traffic-full Luniara domain.
Really now, I've noticed a sudden increase in most all of my Artworks traffic. I don't make a big deal of it, but I enjoy the company. Does that sound weird? I.. like seeing the regular people that show up. Perhaps it's just a low traffic to DA? Either way, I've been trying to boost things up and work on my personal web-site I suck horribly at web-design, so I doubt it is going to be much of anything. I'd like a place for my Design Clients to go, as well as my commissioners. WHICH by the way, the store finally had my Copic air cans in stock, bought two of them. I think I'm going to pull out my markers from my car and work on polishing off the last shit I have to do. After that, I'm working on a comic. I GOTS TO. I feel like a loser amongst my Void peers. 
Other then that, not much is going down. I'll be moving quite soon into my condo, we're just going through closing. Latest is June 20th or something? Gives me time to save money. I'm fairly nervous about it... 
My first time truly out on my own, though having my Big Brother with me is more comforting, I just don't want our bills to go haywire and me not able to have money. Eventually, my Newfie will be joining in staying with me. I look forward to everything. Huge steps coming up in my life I guess?
For listening to my huge rant, I'll indulge those who listen. I was Paint chatting. lol!