Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daaamn you, United States!!1

Why is it that the States have such crappy tea? I mean... I've finally found a grocery store that sells Tetley, they just...don't sell the other Tetley flavors. I end up having to get them from my boyfriend. (Fawk! I love me some white tea!!!)What sucks too is, the USA Tetley has only the drawstring kinda teabags. I really prefer the round ones. Drawstrings are for lazy fuckers! BEH, talkin about tea on a sketch blog. 

On the subject of....ART, my last figure drawing class didn't go so well. I was in such a icky mood from a fight I had with my boyfriend the other day, I just couldn't concentrate on this guy's body!! It came out so terribly, and I became discouraged. I ended up leaving 30-40 minutes or so early. Next week I don't have class though, so maybe I'll go around and draw some people during lunch. I kind of wish it was really cool here. This way I can draw in some chilly weather. As a kid I used to love sitting outside doing that. It's something I don't get around to doing anymore. It's rather chilly today, it's niiiice- so maybe when I get off of work, I will open my screen door and WASP the cool air in and enjoy it before it's gone. I failed to do so last night. I'm sucha Debby Downer. I slept through the evening, then finished some drawing. Ahaha...  

ANYSHMOO, since my figure drawings from the other night SUCKED ASS, here's something I've been trying to work on for my boyfriend... He hasn't seen it yet because he's yet to talk to me, but... that's okay. I'll try my best on it. You're welcome to put your two cents in and help out if you're good in this sorta area. <3


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Hunter Severn said...

I wish I could draw robots. D8 :: leeches talent ::