Friday, February 22, 2008

Let's see how this shit works, shall we?

Hopefully there isn't much to this thing. I can't say I've used a journal outside my ramblings on DeviantART (what a laugh those are!). DON'T PANIC THOUGH (or do?), this isn't going to be much vulgarity like I spout almost regularly there because of idiot users on that site. I'm hoping there's none of that here! I've been really excited to share some of my random sketches, figure drawings, etc. with the people who care and keep up with my artwork. We'll most likely get venting here and there, but I'm not as crabby and emo like I used to be at like... age 15!? LORD, that journal makes me laugh and cry because of how pathetic it was.  Don't go searching for it either, you Fuckers! I know thats what you want to do!

Outside of that, you will MOSTLY see pieces from my figure drawing classes that I've recently started taking on tuesdays at a local Art Gallery. I feel my work is not what it used to be and that is horribly sad since art has always been my life. MY LIIIIFE!!! Work gets my so tired and caught up that I forget what is most important to me, and I miss that and pleasing my fans. I've only taken two classes so far and it's already making me feel better about my artwork. This is something I now believe every artist should do if they are not attending some form of art school. You have NO IDEA how much it helps to know how the body goes and not have to guess. Drawing out of your mind only gets you so far. (SO GO TAKE CLASSES IF YOU AREN'T!!! Betches...)  <

SO Here's a couple 10-20 minute sessions for you to gander. If you could... be patient as I try to figure this damn journal out, that would be hella sweet.


Holly said...

lulz. I see the penis.

Baileigh Bolten said...

Photobucket didn't like your figure drawings because they were "apparantly" crude. you might have to find different hosting dear.

Hunter Severn said...


I love nude drawing in classes.... *_* ACAD has some hilarious models too.