Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Let me ride that Donkey, Donkey!

Who's been busy, what!? 1. 2. 3- GET BUCK-WILD!
Ah-hem. Things are better with the man and I. Hopefully it will stay that way. I haven't done much of drawing since I've had to design some mascots for work. However I did start working on the CHIBI PA Reincarnation Anime Con mascots today. I have two of them to do, and then thier banner. This evening I will most likely be working on a Walk a Thon poster that will be placed inside Publix or something like that. An easy 100 bucks, and it's for the company my father works for. I believe it's for the Gym I designed a mascot for... ZOO or something. MAN, WTF is up with Mascots today in this post?
Oh well. How bout I show you the ChibiPA one? Yeah? Okay, here you guys go! They came out kinda small, but that's okay. This way no one can grab these or whatever the fuck.

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