Monday, February 25, 2008

I thought I treated you right, PhotoBucket!

WTF is that? I've uploaded a PORN sketch on photobucket and FIGURE DRAWINGS are inappropriate? Man, OH, MAN! I'll have to find a way over that. I released my web-space because my Dad just seemed to not want me to log into my own website. Maybe his porn sites were getting TOO HARDCOOOOORE! Haha.

I went to a one day convention this Saturday (Anime Day in Davie). Some of the FL Void Crew invited me to draw with them at their table. I didn't like the idea of selling marker commissions for 10 dollars cheaper then I should, but I did. I didn't make much because of that I guess. It was fun. Actually had done this awesome drawing of Ed from FMA. No one bought it until the end where I went "HEY, YOU- dressed as ED! I got something for you!". Then she squeeled and bought the inked drawing for 2 bucks. Sigh... -_- and a drawing of Light from DN for 1 dollar. Oh well. They were all kids, ya know? HOWEVER, it made me realize, I should TOTALLY make a coloring book. Had a bunch of young ass kids ask for one. That would be awesome. 

Until I get home, I won't have more figure drawings to show, so I can just wait till tomorrow to show you guys ones from that day. Today I'll just show you a sketch that I've been wanting to finish for a long time. Ever been scared to do that? It sucks ass.



galvo said...

ahahah shit, you went to a shitty con, i hate those!

nobody wants to buy anything!
YOU SHOULD TAKEN PICS, did them kids bring any void material with them? or did they just goof off hahaha
anyhoo... diggin this piece kiddo.. FINISH IT.

Hunter Severn said...

Awww so freakin cute. ;__;

Sucks about that con. I hate it when kids come who don't have any money. >_< Though making a colouring book sounds like really cool idea.. I've been wondering if I should do that for a while now.. but I've no idea where to start or anything. x_X;